Enhance your reading experience with AMP

26 10 2017

AMP or the accelerated mobile page is mainly designed for the development of mobile. Majority of the people have access to mobile and do not want to open their laptops. At times when the web content does not appear on screen it becomes quite an annoying task to revisit the page for the third time. Accelerated Mobile Page is an open source enterprise that aims to build mobile optimized content which helps to load your substance instantly anywhere and at any given time. This project is basically executed to accelerate content on mobile devices, it is especially based on Twitter and Google based project works.

This has mainly two most important benefits for SEO. One includes very fast designation on several search engines and the other includes ranking factor. The main aim for the AMP is loading the sites at a fast pace since the server gets slow. This Accelerated mobile page is completely an open source standard of coding for all the publishers. This Amp is particularly a complete striped down form of the HTML, but the overall HTML page is designed by lightweight. Richard Gingras, the senior director, news and social products at Google says: “If we had two articles that from a signaling perspective scored the same in all other characteristics but for speed, then yes we will give an emphasis to the one with speed because that is what users find compelling.” With the use of AMP HTML, some important points are clearly visible that includes the folds.

Last Year, SEO community was extremely busy about the Mobilegeddon – the mobile friendly search engine algorithm of Google. This year, the mobile SEO has chiefly focused on Google’s Accelerated Mobile Page! It sounds quite technical and perhaps you don’t recognize what the AMP is. There could be various questions on AMP – Who requires the service and why? What are the possible drawbacks? And what is the role of Web Development Company in USA here? Following questions are the aspects that are needed to be clarified.

What is Google AMP?

AMP is an open source project that helps the web publishers to develop mobile-optimized content which behaves like a greater bandwidth and loads almost instantly on every devices you encounter! As the world is replete with technology, entrepreneurs, from a business perspective, so the entire mass wants to have rich contents like videos, animations, high-end graphics and HD pictures to work alongside smart ads and want their web pages to load promptly.

Google has come up with AMP to deliver a universal code which will be compatible with any and every device throughout the world. Now the end user can get the information instantly and you don’t need to wait any longer for the website to load!

The average loading time for an Amp-coded web page is huge and that comes round to 0.7 second. This has been marked in a recent marketing conference and has been compared that the average load time of a non AMP page takes 22 seconds. So, you can make a hint out of it!

What’s the big deal if my site doesn’t load faster?

Every Web development company in USA is now focused on the AMP because they are keen to provide their consumers with the latest technologies with fruitful results. There’re numerous benefits of an AMP optimized web page and if you neglect the newest arrival in technologies, the downfall has a great possibility!

Why is important?

•Fast & Convenient
•Mobile Friendly
•Easy to Implement
•Access to the Open Web
•Strong Incentives are being offered
•Optimise the bandwidth
•Simplify the Pages
•Control over business models and designs