Avoid These SEO Mistakes to Boost Traffic to Your Website | Best SEO and Digital Marketing Company

15 02 2018

When it comes to formulating an effective content marketing strategy, most web owners lay emphasis on the optimization of the content for their business blogs or websites. There is a good reason why most companies, including the best SEO and digital marketing company, do so – it is the best option to draw visitors and redirect them to the sales funnel. Avoiding the following SEO mistakes will not only boost the position of a website in search rankings but will actually help a business grow.

  1. The Selection Of Wrong Keywords

The optimization of a website is all about improving its position in the search results with the right use of keywords. It is essential not only for rankings but also for driving a healthy traffic to a website. Choosing different or distinct keywords than the ones preferred by search engines will produce counter-productive outcomes.

  1. An Excessive Use Of Keyword Stuffing

These days, search engines heavily penalize the websites with content which goes overboard with the use of keywords. Because such actions may hurt your SEO performance, you should avoid adopting the approach.

  1. Creating Content Which Is Incompatible With The Keywords

Popular search engines such as Google strive to provide the most useful and relevant content to the search terms used by people. So, the search engines will push your website back in the ranking of search results if it spots dissimilarities between your content and keywords.

  1. Publishing Duplicate Or Copied Content

While it was commonplace to publish copied or plagiarized content to save time in the past, doing so at present can mean asking for trouble. A website may get pushed back to oblivion in terms of rankings if it repeatedly continues to publish copied content.

  1. Skipping Meta Descriptions And Title Tags

The optimization of a website does not end with the inclusion of contents with targeted keywords. There is more to it – you also need to provide meta descriptions and title tags or else you would not be able realize the potential of your content. When a search engine crawls a website, it takes meta description and meta title into account while optimizing it. Thus, an impeccable meta title and description can make a huge difference to the performance of the content of a website.

  1. Leaving Out Quality Links

It is a good idea to provide external links to reputed websites to bring more traffic to your website in the future. Do not forget to link back to the sites that have linked you – it is mutually beneficial to your website as well as to other websites. Also, ensure that you void using anchoring texts like “click here” as such texts make it difficult to figure out how an external link would benefit the users.

  1. Inaccurate Internal Links

Linking relevant internal pages with your content is a smart way of gaining traction among visitors. This provides greater visibility to the top-performing pages of your website. However, you need to be careful not to overdo it.

  1. Non-Inclusion Of Mobile-Friendly Experience In The Scheme Of Things

Keeping in mind the greater inclination of users towards smartphones, the smooth mobile experience of browsing a website is as important as a smooth web experience. Not considering a smooth mobile experience can jeopardize the ranking of your website.

  1. Overlooking The Power Of Social Media Interactions And Analytics

The rising power of social media has taken the world of the internet by storm. And the content for blogs, articles and other posts are no exception to this rule. By using the power of the social media effectively, you will be able to build relationships with power users – the sure-fire way to make noise about your content.

It goes without saying that even the best SEO and digital marketing company on the internet would recommend eliminating these SEO mistakes on your websites, if any, to keep your website ahead in terms of search engine results.