How the Design of a Website Converts a User into a Customer

01 12 2017

Apart from the localised business, every businessman wants to reveal an online presence through the website to get globally promoted. This is true to the professional individuals, and so they are creating websites for promoting their profession. A website is the face of your business or professional promotion. Therefore, the designing should be attractive and convincingly reflecting your business process.

A website with good design is highly essential in the virtual market of present day. The look of a website decides whether the user will give their business to you. One glance at the webpage can convince by visual appeal or distract to leave your business alone. If you miss a user in the first appearance, you probably lost him forever!

Therefore, having an appealing and enchanting website that attracts a user and converts him to a prospective customer must have some unique features.

Let’s have a focus on some of them-

First Impression is the last Impression

When it comes to the attractive feature in the website, the first impression counts a lot. Within a fraction of a second, a user determines whether he will stay on the site or leave. Longer he stays on the page; higher is the possibility to make him a prospect.
A research says, the first impression depends 94% on the Design. So the most contributing factor to turn a visitor to a client is the design of your website.
More than 88% of the users never return if your website is not appealing, glamorous or eye catchy. A website with perfect UI and UX is the ice breaker.

Selecting the font

Going through the text on the web is 40% tougher than the text on the pages of paper. Therefore, the text font should be simple without more bent and curves so that the user can read the text easily to collect the information about your product or service.

Simple navigation

Simple navigation is what every user appreciates. User friendly navigation is the key to keep visitors engaged on your website.


The world is getting faster and faster, so is the requirement for everything else. A slower website will lead to user shutting down before it loads up and instead will get connected to one of your competitor with a faster website.

Error and Omission free Website

You need a spotless website to gain the trust from the user. A website with error will give impression that you are careless with your website and could be same with the business too. The world wants perfection and so does your website.
Therefore, when your business is online, you have to motivate your users online to convert a user into a customer. Thus contact the best website design and development company for having a great design to boost your business!
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